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The Holy Grail: Frank Kozik and the 1992 Soundgarden/Pearl Jam Poster

Ask most Pearl Jam poster collectors to tell you one Pearl Jam poster they wish they could own, or which poster is the centerpiece of their Pearl Jam collection, and undoubtedly they will point in the direction of the 1992 Soundgarden/Pearl Jam Houston, TX print by Frank Kozik. The print stands out as one of the most desired, and most valuable of all Pearl Jam posters. For the attention this poster receives, we thought it would be a good idea to tell you more about the artist, and attempt to create an comprehensive record of its history.

Born in Madrid, Spain in 1962, Frank Kozik moved to Sacramento, CA as a teenager. At age 18 Frank joined the Air Force and was eventually stationed at Bergstrom Air Force Base just southeast of Austin, TX. Then home to a thriving punk scene, Frank became involved by creating Xeroxed handbills and posters for local clubs. His art spread when bands, moving from city to city, would contact him to create art for their shows in towns outside of Austin.

A selection of Kozik posters 1987-95 [Ebay]
Frank continued to create concert art through the late 80's including many black-and-white, and later color offset prints. Eventually, he was fronted the money to purchase silkscreening equipment, and took on jobs screening fine art prints. With the skills and the equipment now in place, Frank designed and printed his first silkscreen concert poster in 1991. By 1992, his output swelled to well over 50 prints, completing posters for such bands as Helmet, L7, Gwar, The Melvins, Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Soundgarden, and The Beastie Boys. That same year Frank branched out to album cover art, and took on work for the Artrock Gallery in San Francisco. Frank remained in Austin and continued to create concert posters and other art through the early 90’s. Frank’s work during this time is often credited as reviving the “lost art” of the concert poster, and his art continues to influence hundreds of artists.

After a move to San Francisco, in 1995 Frank started the Man’s Ruin Record label, giving him the opportunity to design record sleeves for dozens of bands including The Hellacopters, Entombed, Turbonegro, Fu Manchu, Queens of The Stone Age and The Sex Pistols. Much like Frank’s posters, all of Man’s Ruin’s releases were in limited numbers, many with silkscreened sleeves. For this reason they remain in high demand, selling at a premium on Ebay. After five years and hundreds of records, Frank called it quits with Man’s Ruin and moved on.

Frank has since decided to focus almost exclusively his attention on the creation of vinyl toys, leaving behind his work with music and concert posters. His first toy, the 2002 BXH Smorkin’ Labbit was followed by the Los Locos series in 2003, and many others since. He continues this work today, while remaining an active figure in the poster community.

Man's Ruin Records and Posters


The history of the Soundgarden/Pearl Jam poster is shrouded in mystery. Legend has it that Frank was in his living room drinking the blood of a goat and sacrificing live chickens - a normal part of his morning ritual - when a ghostly figure appeared and instructed him to dig under a nearby oak tree. On his hands and knees, digging with fists of fury, Frank came to a small wooden box. Unearthing the box, he found inside a single photograph – a picture of a beautiful woman with the caption “Is something stuck to the roof of my mouth?” On the spot Frank dedicated his life to worshipping the woman and this poster was his first homage.

Yes, I'm kidding.


The true story is much simpler, though equally as kick ass. According to Frank, “It was a HOT spring Saturday and I was just sitting around my workspace….this old apartment sort of place near downtown Austin on 14th and San Jacinto… listening to the band on a jam box… no idea what to do… I started flipping through a stack of 70’s softcore porn posters I had just scored earlier that morning at the flea market… liked this one, so I cut it out and was like looking at it when the doorbell rings. It’s this really hot chick, come by for a booty call. Looked a lot like this girl [on the poster] as a matter of fact… so I proceed to like tie her up and get nasty with her for a while. Later, she splits and I finish the poster. Good day, popular poster.”

Sounds about right.

Kozik 92-14 1st Edition [Ebay]

"Inga" Related Movie Posters and DVD [Ebay]

The soft-core pornographic poster to which Frank refers is for the 1968 Swedish movie release “Jag – en oskuld”, later released in the US as “Inga.” Captured on the poster is the actress Marie Liljedahl as Inga Frilund. Inga is “a 17 year-old sent to live with a scheming aunt who wants her to become mistress of her rich neighbour. She falls for a common young man instead.” The movie was apparently met with moderate success, and the sequel “The Seduction of Inga” was released in the US in 1971. Several of the promotional posters for the "Inga" movies feature the exact image in question. Oddly, the cover of the DVD (released in 2002) displays what appears to be a more modern image of "Inga", obviously meant to look like the original.


Proofs for this poster are known to exist as both a full color edition on uncut stock extending well beyond the dimensions of the image, as well as a two-color proof with only red and black represented.

1992 – First Edition (KZ-9214)
Details: Print Run of 450, 22.5” x 35”, five-color, water based ink, silkscreen on 110lb. paper.
Frank states that the original edition was printed by Lindsey Kuhn, and it appears that all first edition prints were signed and numbered. The number appears on the lower left of the poster as “x/450”, while Frank’s signature appears in the lower right as “F Kozik 92”. Inga’s skin tone appears as a bluish-greenish color, and the text “Thursday” and “Tidwell” show this same aqua hue. The star on Inga’s cheek, as well as the lettering for “Unicorn” is lavender.

1st Editions print have also been found with a hand-stamped “pig” in the lower right hand corner near the signature. This stamp was apparently used for a short period of time in 1991-92, though no concrete evidence is known as to its exact significance. Some have speculated that it differentiates those posters which Frank kept in his collection to sell or otherwise distribute. The pig stamp appears to have little or no affect on the value of the poster.

As of 10/24/06, the average selling price of the first edition is in excess of $600.

1992 – Second Edition
Details: Print Run of 2500, 22.5” x 35”, five-color silkscreen.
The most significant difference between the second printing and the first printing is that, perhaps not so oddly, “SECOND PRINTING” is noted in the bottom left. No such notation appears on the first printing. Also in the left corner, in pencil, appears the number of the print as “x/2500”. Frank’s signature may or may not appear in the bottom right of second edition posters. In addition, there are slight color differences between first and second edition prints; Inga’s skin tone on second edition prints is a purple hue. Also, the lettering for “Thursday” and “Tidwell” is a lavender color, while the “Unicorn” text is a bright pink color.

Unknown Date – Magazine Foldout
At some point the 92-14 poster was reprinted in a magazine as a foldout image, a lithographic image printed on magazine stock, measuring approximately 10" 16". All are found with a crease in the middle. The image has a grayish border and displays ArtRock copyright information. This version is considered to have little or no value in comparison to the original, silkscreened versions.

Pearl Jam – 1996 Rome/Milan Poster
The “Inga” image has proven popular enough to be reused on several occasions. Perhaps the first is the 1996 Rome Pearl Jam poster by Alessandro Locchi. Whether homage to, or rip-off of, Frank’s work, the Locchi poster features the same image of “Inga”, filling the print - her chest and stomach showing. It can be said with certainty that Locchi was familiar with Frank’s work when the poster was created, as the lettering for “Pearl Jam” on the 1996 print was borrowed from another Kozik print – the 1991 Red Hot Chili Peppers/Smashing Pumpkins/Pearl Jam poster advertising three Texas dates. This same Locchi design is also available as a 4” x 4” handbill. An edition of 1000, the 1996 Locchi poster currently sells in the $60 range, while the handbill rarely reaches $10.

1996 Man’s Ruin Record Promotional Poster (KZ-9624)
Released in 1996 as a promotional poster for Kozik’s Man's Ruin Record label, the print features our friend Inga, as well as band names listed at the bottom, and the Man’s Ruin street address in pink lettering. This silkscreened poster is a signed, numbered edition of 500, measures 22 ½” x 35”, and usually sells in the $30-40 range. Many collectors find this print an affordable alternative to the 92-14 print of any edition.

Art Print Editions
2004 “Green Lady”
Details: Signed and numbered print run of 100, 26" x 32", silkscreen.
Originally offered by Frank in July 2004 on GigPosters at a price of $45. This art print features the image of Inga only, with no text. The print currently sells in the $120 range.

2004 “Green Lady” Black Red Yellow Edition
Details: Signed and numbered print run of 100, 38" x 44", silkscreen.
Originally offered on Black Red Yellow in August of 2004 with a price tag of $110. Text under the image reads BLACKREDYELLOW.COM. The more sought after of the 2004 art prints, this edition sells regularly in the neighborhood of $300.

What more can you say?
Now nearly 15 years old, the 1992 Kozik Soundgarden/Pearl Jam poster remains popular with collectors. In addition to the posters pictured, "Inga's" image has been printed on stickers, t-shirts, and possibly many other items. I'm guessing we'll continue to see her for some time. She's one tasty gal.

I hope you've found the above information helpful, interesting, or at least a good way to blow 20 minutes at work. As always, I welcome any questions, comments, or corrections to the above text. Chances are you know more than I do. About a lot of things.

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Kozik 92-14 2nd Edition [Ebay]

2nd Edition - Left corner detail

Pearl Jam 11/12/96 (Locchi) [Ebay]

1991 RHCP/SP/PJ Kozik (Detail) [Ebay]

Kozik 96-24 [Ebay]

2004 Art Prints "Green Lady" (top) and
"Green Lady BRY Edition" (bottom)
Note: posters not shown to scale

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